Versailles Restaurant near Alexan Park 82nd - pic by Lynn S. on Yelp

Versailles Restaurant near Alexan Park 82nd

Discover the magic of personal luxury in a new apartment at Alexan Park 82nd. Not only can you enjoy the peaceful vibe of Doral, but also the vibrant nightlife of nearby Miami. So spend your first weekend here exploring new hotspots like Versailles, the most famous Cuban restaurant. Life has a different beat here. So jump in and enjoy the lifestyle you crave at Alexan Park 82nd.

Versailles Restaurant

Versailles is the heart of the Cuban-exile community in Miami. Often a see and be seen spot for local politicos and media alike, Versailles is still a welcoming spot for your favorite Cuban cuisine. In their words, “Versailles Restaurant, The World’s Most Famous Cuban Restaurant, has been serving tasty Cuban cuisine and culture to the South Florida community and tourists worldwide for five decades. Soon after it opened its doors in 1971, Versailles quickly became the gathering place and unofficial town square for Miami’s Cuban exiles. Today, it remains the unrelenting gauge of the community’s pulse.”

The Most Famous Cuban Restaurant

Jocelyn G. shares“The most famous Cuban restaurant in Miami! This is a must as very elite people, including several presidents, make a stop to enjoy Cuban food. This is also a great place to go talk about Cuban politics if it’s something you’re into. It is an authentic experience, and I highly recommend ESPECIALLY if you’re not from Miami.” 

Desirable Address

Where else offers the relaxed vibe of Doral and easy access to the nightlife of Miami? Escape into the perfect balance of easy living and upscale nightlife whenever you want it, only when you live at Alexan Park 82nd. Now is the best time to dive into the lifestyle you have always wanted. Don’t delay.

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