Mouthwatering Burgers at 109 Burger Joint - Say He Say Hello To My Little Burger w/Onion Rings - pic by Kenny D. on Yelp

Mouthwatering Burgers at 109 Burger Joint

The cheeseburger has been an American staple for decades, and with good reason. Whether you like them plain with a light spritz of ketchup or to top your patty with everything but the kitchen sink, our luxury apartments at Alexan Park 82nd put you close to some of the best burger joints in Miami. All you need is a big appetite and some extra napkins. So celebrate your move with the mouthwatering burgers at 109 Burger Joint and eat happily.

109 Burger Joint in Miami

Labeled as one of the Top Ten Best Burgers in Miami, the 109 Burger Joint has a stellar reputation for its gourmet menu, delicious beer and drinks on tap, and overall delightful atmosphere. In addition, it’s located only three and a half miles away from our luxury apartments, so you only need to take a quick ten-minute drive through town to reach their front doors. 109 Burger Joint is always worth the trip, so grab your friends and have a good time.

Plenty of Unique Burger Choices

As of today, there are sixteen gourmet burger recipes to try. Classic enthusiasts will enjoy the American burger with traditional lettuce, tomato, onion, and sesame bun toppings. The Sweet Pig burger features sliced roasted pork and ham croquetas. Breakfast eaters will love the Wake-Up burger with breakfast staples of bacon, eggs, and hash browns. Need a vegetarian option? Then try the vegetarian-friendly Black Veggie with a black bean patty and fresh pico de gallo. 

Fresh Fries on the Side

Don’t forget the right sides for your sandwich! Enjoy a selection of French fries, mac and cheese, onion rings, Nica cheese bites, or sweet potato tots. No rule says you can order only one. So mix and match your sides with whatever burger you choose. Variety is the spice of life, and you can find plenty at 109 Burger Joint.

Celebrate your move to Alexan Park 82nd with the mouthwatering burgers at 109 Burger Joint. Then, schedule your apartment tour today and live better.